Tuesday, 12 July 2011


I was reading through the fab Blybe, Basaak and CEE blog the other day and found a post about a great website people are using to liven up their Blythe photos. It's called Pixlr-O-Matic, and features tons of different effects for your photos.

I had a play around and made this photo of Umi...

I like it as she looks all beaten up and glum lol! Try the site out for yourself!


  1. It's like instagram (an iPhone app) for the computer!

    ROFL at her looking like she got in a fight.

    OMG, I am all over your comments. :x

  2. Yep, she's a rough, tough little thing! Likes a good fight! XD

    Phahaha!! I don't mind - I comment enough on yours! :P


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