Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Mission Statement

Hi! First off, let me introduce myself...

My Name is Sarah, aka EssHaych. I am 26 and live in Essex, England. My main hobby is crocheting, mainly amigurumi. I have a blog for my work over at Crocheting is something I very much enjoy, and I have met many great people through the years because of crocheting.

One of these friends is Jillie, from OnePinkHippo, who one day told me she'd bought her first Blythe doll, a Simply Bubble Boom called Coral. I have liked Blythe dolls for a long time, and on hearing this news decided to buy myself one too. So within a month I too had a Blythe, a Simply Thumpty Thump I named Zoe...

I am so happy with her, she is everything I expected in a Blythe doll and more. I love buying and making her clothes, shoes and little miniture accessories!

Whilst doing some research into buying my first Blythe doll I was amazed by the great custom work I found on Flickr. There are so many great, talented people on there, and I was inspired. I didn't, however, like the idea of opening up Zoe, as she is my first Blythe and cost me quite a bit of money. So I kept a look out on Ebay for an alternative.

I came across the Blybe doll by Basaak - Blythes evil clone! I know she isn't a Blythe, and for many Blythe owners just the thought of buying a Blybe is blastphomous. But for my first custom I wanted a cheaper doll that I could experiment on, and they look so similar I decided to take the plunge and buy one. I bought this girl from Ninabella9 on

So this blog is essentially about my adventures in customising my Blybe doll. I will post about every stage of the customisation, and include handy links to the tutorials, shops and products I use. I hope you will find this site helpful, whether you're customising Blybe, Blythe, CCE or any other type of doll :)


  1. Excellent! I've seen some absolutely fantastic customised dolls out there - looks like a cool hobby :-) enjoy! Don't neglect the ami's though ;-) x

  2. Thank you both! And don't worry - the ami's are quite safe! :p


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