Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Getting Stuck In

I finished drilling the holes for the new eyechips on Friday afternoon, and on Friday evening set about glueing them in.

Just out of shot is the Hobby Craft Tacky Glue I used to stick them in with. I decided to use craft glue instead of super glue because I don't want all the hassle of removing them like I did with the original ones, if I ever decide to remove them at all.

I also used some laser paper, also from Coolcat. I used the free ones you get when you buy Eyechips from them, but you can also buy them seperately here. Here's the results!

CoolCat (Ⅱ) Enlarge Pupil Smooth Blythe Chips.BA-10

CoolCat (Ⅱ) Enlarge Pupil Smooth Blythe Chips.BA-29

CoolCat (Ⅱ) Enlarge Pupil Smooth Blythe Chips.BA-17

CoolCat (Ⅱ) Enlarge Pupil Smooth Blythe Chips.BA-13

I'm really happy with them! I made a mess with the right grey eye - my hand slipped when I was drilling and took a big chunk out of the white bit :( But I don't mind too much, I'll just know to take easy next time!

I'm ahead of myself now, I have already finished the face carving :) More later...

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